Super plan includes:

Full case management

  1. Case analysis and evaluation based on the documents provided by the client
  2. Drawing up a work plan, distribution of procedure control points
  3. Conducting negotiations and correspondence with the broker regarding the return of money from the broker voluntarily:
    • drawing up an application for agreement termination
    • telephone conversations with the broker
    • correspondence with the broker by email.
  4. Applying an application to the bank for a refund from the broker:
    • drawing up an application to the bank about challenging transactions to the broker.
    • telephone negotiations with the bank for the application acceptance and the start of the procedure.
    • registration of an application and obtaining a registration number.
  5. Dealing a case in the bank until getting return of funds or getting 3 bank refusals.
    • Providing additional evidence for a positive decision of the case at the bank request.
    • Weekly phone calls to the bank’s specialist in order to find out the current status of the application.
  6. Contacting the inspectorate authorities
    • Drawing up and sending a complaint to the Financial Regulator at the broker’s registration place
    • Drawing up and sending a complaint to the police at the broker’s registration place
    • Drawing up and sending a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman service at the broker’s registration place
    • Submitting a complaint to the payment processing company
  7. Additional applications that may be required to return your funds


  1. those who value premium service and impeccable quality
  2. those who want everything to be done for him without his participation
  3. those who value their time
  4. those who need protection and peace of mind
  5. those who care about the history of the company
  6. those who want to receive personal advice from the CEO of the company

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Assigning the lawyers

  1. Your case will be handled by a specially trained team of 1 senior and 1 junior lawyer, specializing in the funds recovery of lost on investments.
  2. Every week your lawyers provide you with a progress report.

No time limit for consultation

As part of this package, you have an unlimited right to telephone conversations with a Lawyer. Your lawyer is in touch every day from 9 AM till 6 PM and is ready to answer all your questions

Collection and sending of documents in 24 hours:

  1. Your case in the Legal Department takes precedence over other plans.
  2. The initial application to the bank will be drawn up and provided to you by email for review within 24 hours after you will provide us the necessary documents.

Legal support by the General Director:

  1. Study and analysis of the case, determination of all the necessary evidence for drawing up an application for the return of funds from a broker.
  2. Weekly adjustment and planning of work stages on the client’s case together with the working group.

Providing a free preliminary analysis of the case

  1. The head of the Legal Department examines your case and the documents received from you and preliminarily assesses the risks and prospects of the likelihood of a refund.
  2. You will be provided with analytics for this broker.

Communication with a lawyer 24/7

You will be given the number of your personal lawyer, with whom you can keep in touch at any time.

Personal account displaying full information about the office work

  1. You will be given access to your personal account, where you can track the entire process of paperwork and the current state of your case.
  2. You will receive a notification about each completed stage of work.

Priority for the documents preparation and submission, the provision of consulting services

Your case takes precedence over other plans, you are provided with the best group of lawyers based on the results of the last month.

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