We use our experience to fight against the scams!

Fraud traders are those who show that they are involved in the financial operations and are ready to make you profit but they are totally fraudsters. They just take money from innocent investors and run away from them. MyMoneyBack24 works against these fraud traders and strive to give justice to the innocent people and get money back.

MyMoneyBack24 has a fixed working process. First we contact the victim and get the complete information about the him and the trader. Then we plan the exact way of action in which we decide on taking actions against the fraud and get the chargeback process started.

What is a Chargeback?

Chargeback is a process when a customer disputes a charge on her/his credit card bill. Сhargeback will happen for one of several reasons:

  • Fraud — when a customer claims she/he did not a purchase or a purchase was made as a result of identity theft.
  • A customer does not recognize a purchase, especially if the business name that appears on her/his bill differs from the actual name of the store
  • Customer dissatisfaction, such as not receiving a product or receiving a product different than what was paid for
  • A clerical error, such as a customer being double-billed or being billed for an incorrect amount

For most transactions customers have 120 days from the sale or when they discovered a problem with the product to dispute a charge.

When a chargeback is initiated, you’ll receive a code from the issuing bank that gives a reason for the dispute. Once a customer has disputed a charge, your acquiring bank will begin going through a specific procedure to resolve the issue.

If you were a victim of a scamGet a free consultation from our team.

Chargeback process

You can monitor the case progress and compliance with the deadlines in your personal account.

  1. MyMoneyBack24 will first analyze your case to ensure that it meets the minimum standards for submitting a chargeback request. Once your case has been accepted by our team, you will be requested to sign our contract of recovery that clearly specifies the agreed plan that you have chosen before we proceed. Then we will assign you a team of senior and junior lawyers. You can ask them your questions at any time in any convenient way: by phone, mail, in instant messengers and social networks.
  2. Lawyers will prepare the necessary primary documents and send them to the necessary addresses: a notice of contract termination – to your broker, an application to protest transactions – to the bank. The bank that issued you the card is known as the issuing bank. This is your bank. It has the responsibility to decide to raise a dispute regarding a specific transaction. Your bank does not refund your money. Technically, its job is to represent you in communicating with both the merchant’s bank and the merchant. They will also draw up and send applications to the broker’s pseudo-financial organization.
  3. Our experts will find your broker to initiate criminal proceedings against him. They will independently work out and submit an application so that the law enforcement agencies begin to check on his actions.
  4. If the bank’s decision turns out to be negative, lawyers will prepare and submit a second application to the bank, as well as send a complaint to Visa and Mastercard. They will inform the payment system about your broker’s fraud and will also file a complaint with the financial organization in which the broker was licensed.
  5. If you dispute a chargeback initially and the issuing bank sides with the cardholder, you’ll likely receive a notice called Pre-Arbitration Advice (if the transaction was made with a Visa card) or a 2nd Chargeback letter (if the transaction was made with a Mastercard.) This letter will inform you that the bank has initially sided with the cardholder and asks if you’d like to pursue final arbitration directly with the credit card company. You can choose to decline arbitration, which will mean that the chargeback is upheld, or you can choose to pursue arbitration, where the credit card company will determine who wins the chargeback. Arbitration with the credit card company is final – once it makes a ruling, there are no further appeals. Additionally, going to the card brands for arbitration usually incurs a filing fee of several hundred dollars. This fee is separate from the amount of the disputed transaction.
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